Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010 Snow storm (Round 2)

Wow! These are winter pics of our SECOND snowstorm! As I put these pics on my blog...the THIRD snowstorm is beginning right now! Credit goes to my daughter Meagan, she rocks! She does all our pictures for us. She has a good eye! See what you think.

We really do have honey on hand. This white sign stays in our yard, as long as we have honey on hand. I'll pull the sign if we run out of honey.

These frames are hanging here because there was a huge wasp nest on the inside of them a few summers ago. I sprayed the wasp nest with Wasp Killer, and took them outside to hang, letting the rain wash them off....they need to go back inside ya think? ha!

Great pic! I love the Bee Cozy. For more info on the Bee Cozy, go to
I think I paid about $13 for each Bee Cozy. Money well spent, in order to keep the colony safe and warm. When early April gets here, lets see how BIG the colony actually is. In the past, I've suffered too much "winter time dwindle". Going down from a full brood box, to only several frames of bees in the brood box. That's too much loss for me.

If you have too much winter time dwindle, it just takes too much TIME for the colony to build back out, and then up. This is lost honey time, in my mind anyway.

Stay tuned, more winter pics to come! This is rather unuusal weather for Oklahoma. We usually see just a dusting of snow and some cold days. So far, this winter has turned out to be a memorable one. And we're not done yet!!

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