Friday, July 31, 2009

Fresh Raw Honey

Welcome to the Little Creek Bee Ranch. We are located in Inola, Oklahoma, just 25 miles east of Tulsa, Ok. on Hwy 412. Our beekeeping efforts started in 2005, with just a few colonies of Honeybees. Today, we run between 17 and 20 colonies of Honeybees. Last summer we harvested nearly 65 gallons of honey! You'll usually find us sitting at the Farmers Market in Claremore, Ok, at the north end of the Expo Center parking lot, just west of the Indian Hospital. The Farmers Market in Claremore has become very, very popular. It opens early, 7am on Saturday morning. But people begin to show up to buy fresh produce at nearly 6:30am! So get there early, to find the best produce and HONEY~! Thanks for stopping by out blog site and keep in touch, check in often, for various flavors of honey!


  1. Currently, we don't have any local honey on hand. but I'll tell ya how we work, so you'll know when honey is harvested so you can always come get fresh honey. Make sure to print out this e-mail, or take some good notes, so you can refer back to them later. My cell ph # is 918-798-2251, or contact us via e-mail @ .

    We run between 15 to 25 colonies of Honey Bees. We usually harvest 50 to 75 gallons of honey each summer! All of this honey will be sold off by Thanksgiving! That's how fast Fresh Honey moves out!! I'll pull my first harvest around June 15....then the final harvest around early to mid August. We will pull two harvests in order to gain two flavors of honey. The June harvest will be our Clover honey. The August harvest will be our Wild Flower honey. Two distinct flavors. You can go to our website for more info, and follow along with our comments, and updates, etc. $8 per pint for liquid honey, $10 per pint for Cut Comb (chunk of comb in jar).

    Also, we run Specialty honeys...since the local honey sells so very fast, we'll purchase various Flavors of honey from out of state, so that we'll have something to offer customers during the holiday time; ie, Buckwheat, Orange blossom, Tupelo, and more. These specialty honeys have vary different flavors....and run from $10 to $12 per pint. We only have Tupelo honey on hand at this time. $12 per pint. This is a very unique honey and hard to obtain....but tastes awesome! i think it tastes more like Cotton candy, or bubble gum....a very mild honey......which DOES NOT crystalize. Every honey is different. We also will make Creamed Honey.....a thick spread....nothing is added to the honey, it is whipped and chilled over several weeks, and turns into a smooth thick for availability.

    When you come to buy from us, I'd suggest you buy your honey "for the year".'s up to you...but, if you only buy 1's likely you won't get any more of our honey in a few months, and will have to wait til the next year. Some of my customers will buy a "flat" of honey (12 pints) and i'll kick in 1 extra pint for free......for "value of purchase". Buy as you see fit....just giving you some tips.

    I'm not sure you know where we're located. If you're familiar with Inola, we live east of the big brown 1st Baptist Church (on Travis Grigg Rd), we're the 4th house on the right when you're headed out of town.....we have a red house, with a white fence and usually has a white honey sign in the front yard that says "Honey Is In". If the sign is setting out in the yard, then we have honey on hand. If it's not in the yard, we have NO honey on hand. we have Tupelo honey only, for right now.

    We DO NOT use chemicals on our bees, in order to keep them healthy. We only use Essential Oils; ie Canola oil, Lemongrass oil, Spearmint oil, etc. Traditionally Beekeepers use various pesticide chemicals on their bees in early Spring and late Fall. We have learned different NATURAL METHODS in order to keep our bees healthy.....this is a big reason we sell so much honey....people want a CLEAN PRODUCT. We don't heat our honey, or pasturize our honey, or taint the honey in anyway. It is simply spun and drains through 3 layers of filters into a bucket, and we then jar it up and sell's that simple. Fresh, raw honey is VERY RICH in taste. It tastes completely different than anything you buy in a store.

    I hope I've help you understand more about how we manage our Honey. Call us anytime. If you have questions, give me a shout. Best to come get honey from us between June 15 and August 15.

    See ya, Ken -owner- Little Creek Bee Ranch - Inola, Ok.

  2. Hi!!!

    I am terrified of bees but i know that they are detrimental to earths existence and life as we know it. Besides the fact that my husband has THE worst seasonal allergies of anyone I know, I want and need your honey. But here is my dilemma: i am a Seventh Day Adventist, and I do not buy or sell on Saturday. So how do i get my hands on this miracle stuff?